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  2. General Motors Discussion
    Chevy pullback in Europe will end Opel, Vauxhall overlap DETROIT -- General Motors’ decision to pull Chevrolet out of most European markets is a major setback to the automaker's goal of transforming Chevy into a globe-spanning powerhouse. But the move, announced today, also lets GM leave a...
  3. Competition News
    by Mark Tisshaw 11 July 2012 Auto Car This is the Vauxhall Adam, a highly customisable new city car that, the firm hopes, will make it a “cooler” brand. The Adam will reach UK showrooms in January, priced from about £11,000, after its Paris motor show debut in September. Whereas the chief...
  4. General Motors Discussion
    Vauxhall & Opel Astra Cabrio... Won't Be an Astra (note: reference to Focus Cabrio) 10th of October 2011, 13:25 UTC · Mihnea Radu Scheduled to be released in 2012, the new convertible model from GM...
  5. General Motors Discussion
    The Disaster Looming at General Motors The Motley Fool By John Rosevear September 8, 2010 So how is General Motors looking as it prepares for its IPO? For potential investors, the list of good stuff is a long one: Last quarter was solidly profitable, debt is at a manageable level, new models...
  6. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Ford Stands Against Opel and Vauxhall State Aid Ford Motor Company announced it is against state aids for General Motors’ European brands Opel and Vauxhall. "We believe companies should pay for restructuring themselves," said Wolfgang Schneider, head of legal, governmental environmental...
  7. General Motors Discussion
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  8. General Motors Discussion
1-9 of 9 Results