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  1. GMC Future Vehicles

    General Motors Discussion
    GMC Acadia 2011 GMC Acadia Denali: This high-end trim level will debut in late 2010. It features minor exterior and interior upgrades like 20-inch wheels, a unique front fascia and wood accents in the cabin. 2014 GMC Acadia: The next major redesign of the GMC Acadia isn't expected until the...
  2. GM Recalls 1.5 Million 2006-'09 Vehicles for Fire Hazard

    General Motors Discussion
    GM Recalls 1.5 Million 2006-'09 Vehicles for Fire Hazard - InsideLine Published Jun 8, 2010 Just the Facts: GM is recalling 1.5 million 2006-'09 vehicles due to a fire hazard in the heated-washer-fluid system. Many of the vehicles were recalled in 2008 to fix an electric short. Cadillac...
  3. Chrysler recalls nearly 600,000 vehicles

    Chrysler Group Discussion
    Chrysler recalls nearly 600,000 vehicles - Reuters On Monday June 7, 2010, 10:13 am EDT Reporting by Bernie Woodall, editing by Gerald E. McCormick DETROIT (Reuters) - Doors that could catch fire, brakes that could fail and accelerators that could stick have caused Chrysler Group LLC to recall...
  4. Top 50 vehicles for Brazil in 1st 1/2 of Feb

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Fords are in bold... 1st VW / GOL 10,371 2 FIAT / UNO 6338 3 FIAT / PALIO 6167 4 FIAT / SIENA 5568 5 GM / CELTA 5020 6 VW / FOX / FOX CROSS 4637 7 FORD / KA 4211 8 GM / CORSA SEDAN 3513 9 FORD / FIESTA 3254 10 VW / VOYAGE 3094 11 GM / AGILE 2863 12 RENAULT / SANDERO 2628 13 GM / PRISM 2493 14...
  5. Warning: NewDet3 export of US built vehicles after 2014?

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    You decide! Beginning 2015, the EU and much of Asian/Pacific markets will no longer allow CO2 emissions "offsets" between low and high CO2 emissions vehicles [similar to low "offset" against high fuel consumption vehicles in the US]. 2015 - 100% of the ALL fleets in the EU must be below...
  6. Ford vehicles = 'world-class' -

    Ford Corporate News
    borrowing... -------------- I just want to point out that MERCURY is the highest-rated Fomoco Brand
  7. Mercury dumping large vehicles, new compacts on the way

    Mercury Discussion
    Mercury dumping large vehicles, new compacts on the way Ford's juggling of its two luxury brands Mercury and Lincoln has seen the Blue Oval attempting to figure out where to place them in the market--and while Lincoln will be going more upmarket, Mercury is expected to get rid of its larger...
  8. Some vehicles rated 110 g/km CO2 or less

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Here is a list of some gasoline and diesel vehicles rated 110 g/km CO2 ... OR LESS About 57 machines from various manufacturers ... just in case ... you are interested. You might be interested in the Fords.
  9. 10 Vehicles That Show There is Still Hope For Detroit

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    <TABLE width=470 itxtvisited="1"><TBODY itxtvisited="1"><TR itxtvisited="1"><TD style="PADDING-BOTTOM: 1px; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #333333; PADDING-LEFT: 1px; PADDING-RIGHT: 1px; FONT-SIZE: 8pt; FONT-WEIGHT: bold; PADDING-TOP: 1px" vAlign=top width=92 align=middle itxtvisited="1"> Chevrolet Malibu...
  10. AT&T to buy $565M (Ford) Hybrid, CNG, & AdvancedTech Vehicles

    Ford Corporate News
    AT&T to spend millions on hybrids, natural gas cars - Free Press By Justin Hyde • Free Press Washington Staff • March 11, 2009 WASHINGTON – AT&T said today it would spend up to $565 million over the next decade on more than 15,000 hybrid and natural gas-powered vehicles, with Ford Motor Co. as...
  11. Ford Receives Michigan Tax Credits For Future Electric Vehicles, Battery Development

    Ford Corporate News
    FORD RECEIVES MICHIGAN TAX CREDITS FOR FUTURE ELECTRIC VEHICLES, BATTERY DEVELOPMENT Ford receives $55 million incentive in refundable tax credits from Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) to continue work in electric vehicle and battery development. Incentive will help accelerate...
  12. Ford announces battery partner, family of plug in-hybrid vehicles by 2012

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford, EPRI Add 7 New Utility Partners, Battery Maker To Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Program Seven electric utility providers are joining the Ford and Electric Power Research Institute plug-in hybrid electric vehicle program to conduct real world testing with Ford Escape PHEVs. Utility companies...
  13. IIHS Top Safety Picks = 24+% Fomoco vehicles!

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    IIHS Top Safety Picks 2008 < LINK partial list: Large cars ------------------------ Audi A6 Acura RL - 2009 models Cadillac CTS Ford Taurus - with optional electronic stability control Lincoln MKS - 2009 models Mercury Sable - with optional electronic stability control Volvo S80 Midsize cars...
  14. Feds warns Ford owners about recalled vehicles

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Feds warns Ford owners about recalled vehicles By KEN THOMAS – Sep 9, 2008 WASHINGTON (AP) — The government is urging owners of 5 million recalled Ford vehicles to bring them to dealerships to repair a cruise control switch system that has been tied to engine fires. The National Highway...
  15. Ford Sets Best-in-class Quality Targets On All-new Global Small Vehicles

    Ford Car Discussion
    FORD SETS BEST-IN-CLASS QUALITY TARGETS ON ALL-NEW GLOBAL SMALL VEHICLES Ford targets best-in-class initial quality for 2010 Ford Focus and other compact-sized vehicles built off new global C-car platform for the North American market. New compact vehicles expected to achieve 800 things...
  16. Top-20 selling vehicles in U.S. through May

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
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  17. 2009 GM Vehicles

    General Motors Discussion
  18. AutoNews: Ford Recalls Vehicles A Second Time

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Ford recalls vehicles a second time Automaker to notify dealers, customers Bernadine Williams and Harry Stoffer Automotive News | January 31, 2008 - 1:20 pm EST DETROIT -- Ford Motor Co. began notifying Ford and Lincoln Mercury dealers this week of a safety recall covering about...
  19. HD RADIO IN ALL F-L-M vehicles for 2009

    Ford Corporate News
    FORD, LINCOLN AND MERCURY VEHICLES TO FEATURE FACTORY-INSTALLED HD RADIO TECHNOLOGY IN 2009 LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2008 – Ford Motor Company today became the first US automaker to announce the availability of factory-installed HD Radio™ technology as a standard or optional feature on Ford...
  20. Naias 08: Ford To Equip Half A Million Vehicles With Ecoboost Engine Technology

    Ford Corporate News
    FORD TO EQUIP HALF A MILLION VEHICLES WITH ECOBOOST ENGINE TECHNOLOGY FOR UP TO 20% BETTER FUEL ECONOMY EcoBoost is Ford Motor Company’s new high-volume, affordable engine technology slated for a range of global vehicles – from small cars to large trucks. EcoBoost uses gasoline turbocharged...