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  1. The Amazing 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII

    Vintage Ford Discussion
    Manufacturer's video The Amazing 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII Enjoy this Ford produced promotional video of the all new 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII. Pay special attention to the prehistoric version of sync with microphone and phone controls placed in the driver's side a pillar (a first in the industry...
  2. For Sale-1994 Lincoln Mark VIII (Awesome Ride!)

    Vintage Ford Discussion
    Hi guys - I have posted photos of my car on this side before and have received lots of compliments about her. Lots of you have said you would be interested if I ever sold her. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks for looking...
  3. The 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII Rolling Door Concept Car Hides Your Heavy Doors

    Ford Motor Company Discussion We've no idea whether it's fact or fiction, but according to the nice people putting this one-of-a-kind up for sale on eBay, here's the "lore" on this here '93 Lincoln one-off: "Lincoln executives were concerned about the heavy and wide...