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  1. Chrysler to idle Viper plant for two months on slow sales

    Chrysler Group Discussion
    Chrysler to idle Viper plant for two months on slow sales Automotive News March 18, 2014 by Larry P. Vellequette DETROIT -- Chrysler Group has suspended production of its SRT Viper sport coupe for at least two months because of slow sales. As a result, 91 hourly workers at Chrysler’s Conner...
  2. SRT Wants You to Name the New Viper Color

    Competition News
    For more information on this contest and to find out how you can submit a suggestion visit
  3. 2013 SRT Viper Leaked, by Hot Wheels

    Competition News
    2013 SRT Viper Leaked, by Hot Wheels By: Jason Siu 22/02/2012 AutoGuide We’re all anxiously awaiting the arrival of the 2013 SRT Viper by Dodge, scheduled to debut in April at the New York International Auto Show. Until then, all that SRT (or Dodge) has done is tease us with images of the...
  4. Next Viper Goes Dodge-less

    Competition News
    2013 Viper ditches the Dodge name 15.08.2011 WCF The 2013 Viper is one of the most anticipated supercars in recent memory and Chrysler has confirmed it will become the first SRT-branded product. While there have been SRT variants before - like the Chrysler 300C SRT8 and Jeep Grand Cherokee...
  5. Video: Viper Crash

    Chrysler Group Discussion
  6. Mercedes SLS AMG started development as next-gen Dodge Viper

    Asian Competition
    SLS AMG and a new Viper were in co-development for a while. Dodge engineers got as far as building an aluminum chassis and creating a new suspension setup for a next-gen Viper. More...
  7. Mercedes SLS really a next-gen Dodge Viper?

    European Competition
    During the early stages of development, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG often wore Dodge Viper body parts, and we may have just discovered the reason why. Mercedes-Benz - Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG - Dodge - Mercedes-AMG - DodgeViper...
  8. Jalopnik: RIP Dodge Viper

    Chrysler Group Discussion
  9. Edmunds:GTR Leaves 911 Turbo, Z06 Viper in the DUST

    Asian Competition
    Edmunds:GTR Leaves 911 Turbo, Z06, Viper in the DUST Edmunds:GTR Leaves 911 Turbo, Z06, Viper in the DUST Vehicle Tested: 2009 Nissan GT-R 2dr Coupe What Works: The best engine for the money, period; blazing-fast shifts, crushing acceleration. What Needs Work: Dual-clutch tranny will never...