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  1. Confirmation that Mulally indeed wanted to Kill Lincoln

    Lincoln Discussion
    Thank you Mr. Fields. I hope you give Lincoln the attention it deserves and FAST!!! Article link: P.S. Wings, it's time to give us Mulally "haters" an apology. We are Lincoln lovers! :thumb:
  2. Mulally wanted to kill Lincoln as late as last year, Fields vows to turn it around

    Ford Motor Company Discussion Lincoln fans might want to give incoming Ford CEO Mark Fields a pat on the back for having a hand in saving the brand from the chopping block last year. He's among the people spearheading the...
  3. Cadillac Test Drivers Wanted - Pays $100 per drive

    General Motors Discussion
    General Motors Co.’s Cadillac brand, looking to boost sales and win new customers, is paying drivers $100 to take a test drive. The luxury brand’s national promotion runs through the end of the month. Since its March launch, Bill Peffer, U.S. vice president for Cadillac sales and service, said...
  4. Europe's Most Wanted Classic Car... is from America?

    Vintage Ford Discussion
  5. New Book Describes How Wagoner wanted Ford to Merge with GM

    Automotive Industry News
    If General Motors were any other company, it would probably be dead by now. In the summer of 2008, nearly a year before G.M. filed for bankruptcy, its executives were growing desperate. Rick Wagoner, its chief executive, secretly proposed a merger with Ford, while Bill Ford courted the future...
  6. Tony from just wanted to introduce myself
    Hello Everyone, My name is Tony and I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone here on the forum. I am going to be the new forum specialist for you guys on the Camaro forums. Please feel free to ask me as many questions as you would like and let me know what you would like to see done to...
  7. Inside Line 2010 Readers' Most Wanted Awards

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Inside Line 2010 Readers' Most Wanted Awards Speed Under $30,000: Ford Mustang V6 Speed Over $30,000: Ford Mustang GT 5.0 Convertible Under $30,000: Ford Mustang Convertible Over $30,000: Aston Martin DB9 Volante Luxury Under $30,000: Audi A3 Luxury Over $30,000: Audi R8 Hauling Under...
  8. Aussie inline6 WANTED for Export?

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Ford engine may get export boost - Ford’s local I6 on shopping list for overseas makers By IAN PORTER 3 March 2009 FORD’S engine operations at Geelong, which late last year were saved by government intervention and the injection of $21 million, could soon receive a shot in...
  9. GM Sweeps Edmunds Consumers Most Wanted

    Chrysler Group Discussion announces Consumers' Most Wanted Vehicle Awards for 2007 <! -- paste main body here --><!-- table <table width="260" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" align="RIGHT"><tr><td>small_image_path Click image to enlarge</td></tr></table>--> Santa Monica, California -...