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  1. Volvo to introduce a cyclist anti-collision warning system at CES [video]

    Competition News
    [SIZE=5]Volvo to introduce a cyclist anti-collision warning system at CES
  2. Delphi lands customer for vehicle-to-vehicle warning system - Ford?

    Automotive Industry News
    Delphi lands customer for vehicle-to-vehicle warning system - Ford? From Automotive News Delphi Automotive PLC says it has lined up a contract to produce a vehicle-to-vehicle communication device that will warn drivers of possible accidents. The system will go into production in 2016 for an...
  3. SyncMyRide warning

    Ford SYNC Discussion
    via svtenthusiast... From the Ford SyncMyRide Forums: "The MyFord MyLincoln Touch 3.2 software, which was shown as being available on certain vehicle configurations this past weekend, has now been removed from the website. If you’ve downloaded this software onto a USB drive, but have yet to...
  4. Warning: NewDet3 export of US built vehicles after 2014?

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    You decide! Beginning 2015, the EU and much of Asian/Pacific markets will no longer allow CO2 emissions "offsets" between low and high CO2 emissions vehicles [similar to low "offset" against high fuel consumption vehicles in the US]. 2015 - 100% of the ALL fleets in the EU must be below...
  5. [email protected] NAIAS 2010 mega thread 56k warning

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    Hi guys I just got back from my college class and had a blast at NAIAS documenting all the cool cars for Fomoconews readers. I went up and down the whole show trying to photograph as many cool, unique, and concept cars as I can. Due to the sheer volume of photos there is a 56k warning (i'll try...
  6. GMfan1111 returns to dearborn (56k warning)

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Hi guys it's me Fomocos unoffical man on the ground for all the things ford would rather not have you see. On my last trip to dearborn i saw some really cool cars but unfortunately other than a Ford fiesta nothing really stood out. That has all changed with this latest heaping helping of pics...
  7. Ford issues warning on email hoax offering $15k Fusion Hybrid

    Ford Car Discussion
    We imagine the world of corporate PR to be a little bit of pushing your own message and a whole lot of "We need to respond to what?" We can also only imagine how Ford's PR folks felt today when issuing a statement in response to a hoax email that has been making the rounds. When we got an email...
  8. Collision Warning With Brake Support – Coming In 2009

    Ford Corporate News
    FORD’S LATEST SAFETY BRAKETHROUGH – COLLISION WARNING WITH BRAKE SUPPORT – COMING IN 2009 The new technologies build on Ford's leading number of top safety ratings. Ford to introduce new "active" safety radar warning system – Collision Warning with Brake Support – in 2009 to help drivers...