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  1. Whitacre takes Corvette giveaway to Texas

    General Motors Discussion
    The great Corvette giveaway is becoming contagious. Last month, General Motors gave Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga a free Corvette after his near-perfect game was wiped out by an umpire's controversial call at first base. Last month, General Motors gave Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando...
  2. Whitacre: GM has sharp focus

    General Motors Discussion
    General Motors CEO Ed Whitacre Jr. told analysts today that the automaker has changed since bankruptcy from a “shell-shocked” and “overly complicated company” to a sharply focused one that has a clearer sense of its global strengths and a passion to win back customers in the United States...
  3. Whitacre reorganizes GM's South America operations as regional unit

    General Motors Discussion
    GM's operations in South America are being made into a regional organization, the company announced Tuesday. The business unit will be taken out from under the International Operations division run by Tim Lee. More...
  4. Whitacre wants more sales -- NOW!

    General Motors Discussion
    Whitacre wants more sales -- NOW! DETROIT -- If you're puzzled by the serial reorganizations of General Motors Co.'s sales and marketing staffs, here's the simple explanation: Ed Whitacre wants to sell more cars -- NOW. The CEO doesn't care to watch another PowerPoint presentation showing...
  5. Local press reporting that Whitacre is expected to become permanant GM CEO

    General Motors Discussion
    WXYZ-TV (The local ABC affiliate here in metro detroit) will also have a Live stream of the conference at 11:30 am today on their website. In addition to Whitacres expected appointment. The conference will also address the state of GM's current business activities...