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  1. 2016-19 "Car Wars" report

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    Nora Naughton Automotive News June 3, 2015 - 4:19 pm ET DETROIT -- American Honda, poised to redesign nearly all of its nameplates through the 2019 model year, is likely to gain U.S. market share in the next four years, according to the annual “Car Wars” report from Bank of America Merrill...
  2. Popular science: Ford f-150 named 'grand winner'

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    POPULAR SCIENCE: FORD F-150 NAMED 'GRAND WINNER' Ford NOV 12, 2014 | DEARBORN, MICH. The 2015 Ford F-150 is Grand Winner in the automotive category in Popular Science’s 2014 “Best of What’s New” honors. The all-new F-150 is the reinvention of America’s favorite pickup – the toughest...
  3. Ford 999cc winner of the 2014 Engine of the Year Awards

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    Amazing, the little ford engine beat some heavy hitters. From the article: "This year’s competition was the fiercest yet, but the 1.0-litre EcoBoost continues to stand out for all the right reasons – great refinement, surprising flexibility and excellent efficiency. The 1.0-litre EcoBoost...
  4. Two-time Indy 500 winner Dan Wheldon dies in 15-car wreck at Las Vegas Indy 300

    Automotive Industry News
    Two-time Indy 500 winner Dan Wheldon dies in 15-car wreck at Las Vegas Indy 300 By Chris Shunk Oct 16th 2011 Autoblog Tragedy struck this weekend's Las Vegas Indy 300, as driver Dan Wheldon, 33, died from injuries sustained in a gruesome 15-car wreck just 13 laps into the race. Wheldon's car...
  5. Ford the Big Winner - ConsumerReports (even a broken clock is right twice a day)

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    Consumer Reports releases annual list of American Top Picks, Ford the big winner ...Autoblog Fusion Hybrid wins Best Car Overallby Jeremy Korzeniewski on Feb 26th 2010 at 2:32PM Each year that Consumer Reports offers up its annual list of Top American Picks, it seems less and less a...
  6. New VolvoXC60 is a WHAT CAR? Winner

    European Competition
    Volvo XC60 Wins What Car? Awards 'Volvo is renowned for two things - making some of the world's most family-friendly cars, and some of the safest. The XC60 reinforces that reputation' praised Steve Fowler, What Car? (UK)Magazine group editor. The Volvo XC60 crossover has been...
  7. R&T: 2008 CTS- America Has A Winner

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    Here is a Quote For Full Review CLICK HERE with your mouse:p
  8. USAToday: Escape's hybrid version a winner

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    Test Drive: Escape's hybrid version a winner Ford Motor updated its Escape small SUV, and while it is considerably gentrified compared with its predecessor, it seems insufficiently improved to keep up with rivals. For 2008, the Escape, a pioneer among carlike SUVs and third-best-selling SUV...