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  1. Ford SYNC Discussion
    Consumer Reports has a little video on Sync 3, ironically they use a 2016 MKX to demonstrate MyFord Touch.
  2. Ford Car Discussion
    imho: PIX OR IT DIDN"T HAPPEN... Europe's Woes Put Ford Coupe Proposal on Hold - Insideline By Richard Bremner, Correspondent Published Nov 16, 2012 Just the Facts: • Ford of Europe has developed a new coupe proposal, envisioning a car positioned beneath the Ford Mustang, but the project has...
  3. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    L.A. Times Industry woes leave car design students stranded Few are being hired, leaving some students to switch focus. On the same night that the Senate was killing legislation to bail out U.S. automakers last week, seniors in vehicle design at Pasadena's Art Center College of Design were...
  4. Asian Competition
    Toyota fighting U.S. woes to meet global sales goals Thursday 09th October, 06:30 AM JST TOKYO — Shares of Toyota Motor Corp plunged Wednesday following a major business daily report that Toyota may have trouble meeting global vehicle sales targets. But Toyota declined to comment on the...
  5. Asian Competition
    Toyota Tundra woes "shame" automaker The corporate culture that has charged Toyota's ascendance in the automotive world isn't without its pitfalls. Pride in quality products has driven the automaker for decades and the recent spate of issues with the Tundra – from snapping camshafts, cracking...
1-5 of 6 Results