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  1. China / LUXers / Prices - WSJ,GMI

    Automotive Industry News
    swiped from afako @ GMI... req. "...Some of the world's biggest luxury car brands lowered their...
  2. MB Design Chief: 'Old Man's Car' - WSJ

    Automotive Industry News
    Rejuvenating the 'Old Man's Car' Chief Gorden Wagener Aims to Woo Younger Drivers to a Brand Known for Its Conservative Image - WSJ By Vanessa Fuhrmans Oct. 17, 2013 Daimler AG's flagship Mercedes-Benz often...
  3. Aluminum F-150 - WSJ/

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford Plans New Pickup With Aluminum Body to Boost Mileage - WSJ via July 26, 2012, 3:36 p.m. ET BY MIKE RAMSEY ALLEN PARK, Mich.—In this suburb just west of Detroit, Ford Motor Co. is working on one of the biggest gambles in its 108-year history: a pickup truck with a largely...
  4. WSJ: Ford Board Approves Ending Mercury

    Mercury Discussion
    WSJ: Ford Board Approves Ending Mercury Ford Motor Co. will shut its Mercury brand after its board of directors voted to phase out the 71-year old nameplate, according to a person familiar with the matter. The company has scheduled a news conference for later Wednesday where it will outline...
  5. WSJ Opinion:UAW & GM Killed Saturn

    General Motors Discussion
    WSJ Opinion:UAW & GM Killed Saturn General Motors and the United Auto Workers union have waged war against each other—sometimes hot, sometimes cold—for most of the past 80 years. One of the few things on which they collaborated, sadly, was undermining Saturn, which began as the boldest effort...
  6. WSJ: Ford Posts $2.3B 2Q Profit;Exceeds Analyst Estimates

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford Posts $2.3B 2Q Profit;Exceeds Analyst Estimates By Jeff Bennett Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES DETROIT (Dow Jones)--Ford Motor Co. (F) returned to profitability in its second-quarter and slowed its cash burn amid speculation that it may issue more equity to reduce its debt. The auto maker...
  7. WSJ: Should Detroit CEO's loose their Jobs

    General Motors Discussion
  8. WSJ: Ford Friction Led to Leclair's Exit

    Ford Corporate News
    The Wall Street Journal Ford Friction Led to Leclair's Exit Finance Chief's Departure Said to Reveal Tensions in Auto Maker's Management By MATTHEW DOLAN The unexpected retirement of Ford Motor Co.'s chief financial officer last week came after increasing friction between him and other senior...
  9. WSJ: Japan Auto Sales Sink 14.9%

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Japan Auto Sales Sink 14.9% September 2, 2008; Page B2 Japan's auto sales in August posted their steepest year-to-year drop in nearly a decade, but the comparison was skewed by inflated results in the year-earlier month. August domestic sales of new cars, trucks and buses fell 14.9% from a year...
  10. WSJ: Lincoln MKT

    Lincoln Discussion
    Wall Street Journal Ford Plans New Luxury Crossover By MATTHEW DOLAN August 14, 2008 5:56 p.m. Ford Motor Co. is expected to announce Friday that it will build a new, seven passenger luxury crossover, according to two people familiar with the company's plans. The three-row Lincoln MKT...
  11. Le General Disputes WSJ Article

    General Motors Discussion
    By Jeff Green July 7 (Bloomberg) -- General Motors Corp. said Hummer is the only one of its eight U.S. brands being formally reviewed for a possible sale or shutdown as the automaker's domestic market share falls to an 83-year low. The Wall Street Journal reported today that the biggest U.S...
  12. WSJ: More Cuts While Advancing

    Ford Corporate News
    WallStreetJournal: Ford Eyes More Cuts As Recovery Advances By MIKE SPECTOR April 23, 2008; Page A1 Ford Motor Co... showing signs of a surprise turnaround. ...the quality ratings of Ford vehicles spiked (a trend that started before Mr. Mulally arrived) ...The firm isn't done...
  13. WSJ: Ford. Drive One

    Ford Corporate News
    WSJ:Ford's Latest Better Idea Jim Farley, Group Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Ford Motor Company. Its New Ad Campaign Aligns With Dealers; Slogan: 'Drive One' By MIKE SPECTOR March 18, 2008; Page B1 Over the years, Ford Motor Co. made quality "Job One" and asked if you've...
  14. WSJ: July 07 Industry Figures

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Auto makers from Detroit to Tokyo posted lower July U.S. sales Wednesday as the U.S. housing market downturn and high gas prices depressed demand. Ford Motor Co. slid behind Japan's Toyota Motor Corp. as it struggles to retain the No. 2 sales ranking in its home market. General Motors Corp., the...
  15. WSJ: Short Drive: Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner Hybrid

    Ford Car Discussion
    Short Drive: Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner Hybrid Auto Maker's Small Crossovers Get Squared Off With Redesign By MATT VELLA and DAVID PATTON July 19, 2007 6:59 p.m. <embed src="" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"...
  16. WSJ: Detroit Confronts Surplus of Showrooms

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Detroit Confronts Surplus of Showrooms Legacy of Dominance Led to 'Overdealering'; Less Is More for Toyota By NEAL E. BOUDETTE June 18, 2007; Page A10 ON THE LOTS The Problem: After losing market share over the years, U.S. auto makers have more dealers than they need. The Effect: The...
  17. WSJ: GM Offers 0% Loans To Boost Truck Sales

    Chrysler Group Discussion
    GM Offers 0% Loans To Boost Truck Sales By JOHN D. STOLL May 9, 2007; Page D3 General Motors Corp. rolled out a new round of sales incentives for its redesigned lineup of full-size pickups, with the Detroit auto maker saying it needs to keep up with deals being offered by competitors. GM is...
  18. WSJ: Ford to Unveil Flex Crossover, Aims to Redefine Minivan

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford to Unveil Flex Crossover, Aims to Redefine Minivan By John D. Stoll DETROIT -- Ford Motor Co. next month will take the wraps off its new Ford Flex, a crossover vehicle intended to give the company a boost in an evolving segment that was once dominated by minivans and has typically...