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    For more about this story, Reading Mean YouTube Comments: AutoGuide 2014 please visit
    CARiD is not only a good place to buy custom and replacement parts & accessories for your vehicle, it is a community of car enthusiasts from all over the world sharing their experience and car building ideas. YouTube is one of those social media playgrounds we use, to inform you on our new...
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    enhancement from an 8 second tease video: looks excessively fastback to me ... now why does that sounds familiar?
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    FINALLY! [/video]
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    since I'm batting 0.0.0 in this section lately, gonna take a chance and post this youtube review of the FIESTA sight unseen (until I get to the Library...) (thanks to Reigner for the Link :))
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    Courtesy of Auto Blog. Congress will take up the question of aid to the automakers this week, and General Motors would like you to know what the consequences might be if the fed doesn't step in and help. U.S. automakers would like an additional $25 billion in aid to supplant the $25 billion...