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Looking at the size of the New Continental, it looks to not as much be a replacement for the MKS, but as they say.... a New Lincoln Flagship.
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MKT was the elephant in the room that no one at Autoline wanted to limits?

I think it's a very touchy subject at Ford, they know Retail don't like it and neither does fleet.
Even sticking the continental grille onto the front of it would be something...

As seen in the above chops, getting the headlamps right is key to making the marriage work..
That's an interesting observation. The MKT truly is an embarrassment, but for better or worse, it's still in the lineup for the time being. An Aviator can't come soon enough!
I enjoyed the show and I was impressed with the answer with regards to how Lincoln's design of its grill will continue to evolve.

I really like the look of the new continental design inclusive of its new grille

The Cadillac really looks rather clumsily designed, and old already, compared with the sleek lines of the Continental Concept.

And is it my imagination, or are the door handles on the Cadillac leaning forward trying to align with the angled cut line down the body, instead of aligned with the level base of the car. That car has so many lines going so many directions it's like they just threw design elements on and kept what stuck.
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^ from recent stuff I've read @ GMI,
imho Cadillac is a bit BEHIND Lincoln
in its development phase

the CTsix is (so I read) PRE-JOHAN and we haven't SEEN their next phase/direction yet
(dunno what the XTfive is

after all the BILLION$ spent on Caddy, it's Lincoln that has a just-about established PATH
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Nope, pretty much everything we have already known or speculated on.
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