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#1 Fusion Hybrid Extends Sales Lead Over Camry Hybrid!

I knew it was going to be a closer month between the #1 selling 2014 Fusion Hybrid and Camry Hybrid, with Toyota offering a $2,000 discount on the lease down.

For the past 4 months Fusion Hybrid and Camry Hybrid had a matching $$279/mo with about the same $2,999 Down lease deals. But for March, Toyota drop the down by $2,000 to just $999 which helped keep more of their lease customers rolling into another Camry Hybrid. So instead of $279/mo with $2,999 down matching the Fusion Hybrid, it was just $279/mo with $999 down.

However, Ford Fusion Hybrid stood it's ground and maintained competitive pricing, understanding that consumers would pay more for what they value more.

With 65% of new Fusion and Fusion Hybrid buyers being conquest sales, with the majority coming from Toyota, it seems that Fusion has found the weak link in the lease-recycle chain Toyota has had with it’s customers for many years.

Where Fusion offers design - reliability - technology - power - fuel economy - and fun to drive.

Which is why the #1 selling Fusion Hybrid has it's best sales month ever with 3,903 units sold in March. With Fusion Energi plug-in Hybrid at 899, it's second best month ever.

For a total of 4,802 total Fusion Hybrid sales and Camry Hybrid at 4,287 sales for March. Fusion Hybrid also outsells Camry hybrid for the 5th straight month.

As the months add up, the Fusion Hybrid sales lead grows.

YTD Camry Hybrid sales are at 8,782 with #1 Fusion Hybrid sales alone at 9,606. Add Fusion Energi plug-in Hybrid(2, 211) and that Fusion Hybrid total is at 10,993 YTD.

The Fusion has momentum......
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