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#1 Fusion Hybrid outsells Camry Hybrid for Six Straight Months

The #1 Selling Fusion Hybrid came out on top of the sales charts again for April.

It's clear Ford was on to something when deciding to create a Fusion Hybrid and Fusion Energi plug-in Hybrid. Because some consumers just want a hybrid and others want what Ford calls Hybrid +. While Fusion's arch rival, the Camry, is only available in Hybrid while offering lower mpg than the Fusion Hybrid.

So here are the numbers for April:

- Fusion Hybrid: 3,537
- Fusion Energi: 743

Fusion Hybrid Total: 4,280

- Camry Hybrid: 3,916

Toyota dug deep and had to use quit a bit of it's revenues from the devalued yen to support Camry sales again this month. Camry Hybrid continued with a $279/mo with $2,000 discounted $999 Down deal. While Fusion Hybrid offered the same $279/mo with $3,089 down and Fusion Energi at $309/mo and $4179 down and still came out on top again for the sixth straight month.

Looking at new incentives for May, it looks like Fusion Hybrid and Camry Hybrid are both holding, but Ford is getting a bit more aggressive with the non-hybrid Fusion SE.
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