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1955 Lincoln Indianapolis Concept by Boano

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I saw this on a site I go to for wallpapers and had never seen it before, so I did some research.

Turns out this was a custom made car for a design study, Henry Ford II supplied Boano with a Lincoln chassis and they unveiled the final product at the 1955 Turin Motor Show. It was given the name Indianapolis after the race and is equipped with a Lincoln V8 making 200 HP and has a 4 speed Automatic.

For me personally the front end styling is kind of odd but I like the rear end styling of it. Very interesting concept and thought it could spark an interesting discussion.
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& MAJOR photos there!!

I can't help but try to imagine this styling time-traveled for the LincStang.

Believe the overall proportions are the easiest to apply (& not that different from my Mustang-concept based chop)
I'm getting a few ideas for themes-&-cues (mainly by "de-pontooning" the front & enlarging the 'air intake' for a scoop-y, slightly FocusST-ish grille)
(OH! and NO side mirrors!!
from the interior, think I'd only borrow the black&white colorway

oddly, imho if one spray-painted most of the rear window, think there'd be a considerable resemblance to Virgil Exner's compact Valiant/Dart's rear,
which I always *loved*
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Love the black and white interior as well, and the Orange they used is a great color!
in honor of this thread,
I colorized & "re-shod" my old chop


but decided it'd be too hard to 'Boano-fy' it,
so searching a different Brand for a new donor pic

edit: Stromberg2, you're car is ready [click]
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Change the grill to MKC or MKR and you got a winner. I love the long hood and fastback style tail!! Nice work, 2b2!
Looks like it made its way to PBC!

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