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Hey all, Thought I would post up some photos of my 2003 Crown Victoria LX. I did quite a few visual mods to it. Check it out

I added or changed everything below.
Mercury Marauder side marker lenses, Cornering lights added and work like factory
Custom blacked out headlight assemblies to match corner lights.
Police interceptor grille with body color surround.
17" Mustang GT Premium wheels
Satin black b pillars and 35% window tint.
Dual exhaust with magnaflow stainless tips
Candy black tinted taillights(all red lamps converted to 4 bulb assemblies)
Satin black reflector panel
Painted beige stripe removed red/blue pinstripe added.
ROUSH "Cobravic" Spoiler added

Thanks for looking,


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Wow I really like the blacked out headlights and the grille, gives a real sporty look to the car. Nice job!

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Have you done any interior mods? You should get some interior shots too ;)

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How can I put pics up
welcome to the forum, C.W
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