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  • “Best Little SUV on the Market!!!!!!!!”
  • “All factors considered (size, price, features, performance, efficiency), this is well and by far the greatest vehicle ever made.”
  • “Everything about it is just wow!”
  • “Best car/SUV I purchased in the last 20 years.”

The 2008 Mercury Mariner is generating rave reviews among consumers as it enjoys a brisk sales pace. Mariner sales were up a whopping 97 percent in June, helping Ford, Lincoln and Mercury crossover sales climb 83 percent – the largest sales gain in the industry’s fastest growing segment. Mariner attracts more new customers to Ford and Lincoln Mercury as a percentage of trade-ins coming from competitors’ models than any other nameplate, except Ford Mustang.

The Mariner is completely redesigned inside and out. In addition to fresh sheet metal and a remade interior, Mariner is updated with a comprehensive safety package, a quieter ride and more refined driving dynamics.

Following are verbatim consumer reviews of the 2008 Mercury Mariner as posted on three top automotive research sites:, and

  1. I Made the Right Decision – “Best car/SUV I purchased in the last 20 years. Great gas mileage. More than enough room in the back seat. Cargo space is good. A lot of head room, so if you are tall, no problem. I switched from a Jeep Grand Cherokee and I like the Mariner much better. Smoother ride, less road noise, and better handling. Just a great SUV and you don’t have to worry about gas. It’s listed at 20-26; however, I am averaging 27.5 miles per gallon.” – posted by Midas on
  2. Traded Up to an American SUV! – “I love the luxurious ride in my 2008 Mariner. The ride is smooth! Lots of nice features for the price, leather seats, dual temperature controls. I am enjoying the navigation system, Sirius radio, dual temperature controls. I can set the internal temperature. Many extras.” – posted by Maureen on
  3. Best Little SUV On the Market !!!!!! – “Recently I purchased a 2008 Mercury Mariner and I have to say I could not be happier with it. This is my second Mariner. The first one was a 2005 and I loved it so much, I just had to have the redesigned model. First of all, the ride is 100 percent improved over the old model. It is quiet and smooth and it handles much better. The navigation system is very easy to use and gives precise directions and the Sirius radio is great. You can put just about anything in that DEEP center console. I am 6’3” and I have plenty of head and legroom but the rear legroom can be tight and the quality of the interior is improved over the old model as well. I really recommend the Mercury Mariner to all.” – posted by Nick on
  4. So Far, the Best Vehicle Ever Made – “All factors considered (size, price, features, performance, efficiency), this is well and by far the greatest vehicle ever made. For me, it’s mostly a city car, and I’m getting 30+ mpg. In the winter I have 4x4 traction and plenty of pickup on the freeway, when I am passing Honda Odysseys and the like. It’s true that the mpg is lower than Prius, but this is a reasonably sized vehicle for a family of four with luggage, which the Prius clearly is not. Until plug-in cars are available, this is the best vehicle on the market.” – posted by Ex-Toyota Driver on
  5. ’08 Mariner Premier – “My new ’08 Mercury Mariner is an awesome SUV. It has a smooth ride, it handles great and has plenty of cargo space. To be just a 3.0L V6 it has plenty of get up and go. It runs very quiet and the transmission shifts very smooth. The exterior looks great. I love the design and style and the fit and finish is very good inside and out. To be as small as it is, it has plenty of space for you to get comfortable. I love the way all the radio and climate controls are made and I like the display screen at the top of the dash above the a/c vents. The interior design looks great. I love everything about this SUV. I couldn’t be happier. I really think you should check the Mariner out because it’s awesome.” – posted by Tyler on
  6. Great Look … Great Price – “Recently purchased ’08 Mariner after test driving two competing SUVs. This was the best, most quiet and most comfortable ride. Recently took a small road trip and averaged 27 mpg. Friends compliment on the look of the inside and outside. Love it so far.” – posted by Sandy from North Carolina on
  7. My Mariner – “I love the stylish look of this SUV. For 2 months we shopped for small to mid-size SUVs and we narrowed it down to three choices: this vehicle, Honda CRV and Jeep Liberty. The ride of this vehicle had it all over the other two options. I actually see peoples’ heads turn when I drive by to look at my ride. I originally opted to get this vehicle in black – but once I saw the vivid red it was all over. It is also spacious and roomy and I like the placement of all the controls, too.” – posted by Judi in Ohio on
  8. Great Small SUV – “The handling is quick and responsive. The interior noise is very low, even at highway speeds. The leather/suede seats are very comfortable and cooler/warmer than all leather. The dashboard is very easy to read with the ice blue lighting and the controls are easy to reach. The center console has as much room as larger SUVs. The Mercury Mariner Premier is very comfortable and easy to drive. I would recommend buying it to anyone.” – posted by David from Mesa, Ariz., on
  9. 2008 Hybrid Rocks! – “Getting an average of 38 mpg in Atlanta traffic in a SUV and not changing my driving habits very much. The premium package is a must with the hybrid. The stereo and DVD Nav are great. Nav has better features than most standalone systems and the audiophile’s sound is HUGE! Tax credit knocks $3000 off the price.” – posted by Steve Atlanta on
  10. Wow –“This hybrid is awesome. I bought it for my wife. I find that I am trying to find ways to get the keys from her hands. This Mariner is just fun to drive and well appointed. Everything about it is just wow! Definitely pleased. Plus the tax incentive will definitely help offset the cost. Must go drive and try out. If you can afford to spend a little more, it’s worth it!” – posted by Darwin on

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I question some of the posts, like the guy who gets 30mpg in the city and has 4x4 too and it is not a hybrid?!?

But overall I think it is a great little SUV. I am actually tempted by the hybrid now too, after driving one, considering the price of gas. The only negative I have read about it was the feel of the brakes, due to the re-generation that happens. But I must say that it was not bad at all and I actually welcomed it as it meant free power storage. Overall nice ride, but I only drove it about 4 blocks. I need a better test drive. I love the idea of $3k in tax credits - wow.

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new Mariner = one of the best looking vehicles of any type-class-size-price imNSho!
thought so as soon as I saw it at the autoshow last Nov.
the IceBlue IP lighting is ...ummm... 'cool' too (sorry) gotta add this to my sales tracking (not a CuvSuv guy).

Doesn't it seem like Fomoco is kinda quietly sneaking up on being much more the hottest brands lately? even with all the bashing one sees if they make the mistake of going to other forums *cough*uhhhh maybe I'd better not name names...
speaking of names; could Ford register/trademark the name 'trucklet'?
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