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2008 Navigator Owners Can Now SYNC Their Rides

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AutoChannel: 2008 Navigator Owners Can Now SYNC Their Rides

DEARBORN, Mich., May 1 -- Lincoln Navigator owners wishing they had Ford's industry-exclusive SYNC in-vehicle communications system, need wish no more...

...For the SYNC retrofit kit, customers must own a 2008 Navigator or Navigator L equipped with the Elite Package that includes the voice-activated navigation radio and rear seat DVD. Vehicles must also be built after December 4, 2007.

The accessory kit, which consists of the SYNC module and related hardware, costs under $550 installed. Installation time is under two hours.

The system uses the existing steering wheel button controls and voice- activation functionality connected with the navigation system, eliminating the need for an add-on HMI or microphone to operate SYNC. Once installed, the retrofit SYNC system is fully integrated. "The hardware is hidden and the system is totally seamless to the customer," says White.

SYNC accessory kits are also under development for other vehicles, including the Ford Mustang.

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