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2010 Ford Taurus SEL, an AW Drivers Log - AutoWeek

last updated on: 08/19/10, 09:42 et
It was fitting that I caught glimpses of two iconic 1960s Ford Galaxies on local roads during my weekend in the 2010 Taurus. The Galaxie really spoke car (as Ford's marketing people like to say), and the modern Taurus is a true spiritual successor, with power and sexy sheetmetal.

The Taurus is striking right away for its big, confident demeanor. I like the taillights, which remind me of the Interceptor concept, the flashy vents on the front fenders and the impressive lines on the hood and doors. It's sort of futuristic yet clean and sharp. I got compliments and stares this weekend, which isn't common in family sedan...

...Like the Taurus in the '80s--and the Galaxy from two generations ago--this modern Taurus is a worthy standard-bearer for an American car company.

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