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2012 Focus to Feature Sport, Titanium Handling Packages

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2012 Focus to Feature Sport, Titanium Handling Packages
Focus will provide buyers several suspension options for 2012.
October 25, 2010
By: Nick Saporito

Today Ford Motor Company announced further details on the upcoming 2012 Focus compact sedan. Ford states that SE models will have an optional Sport Package that will increase the car's handling ability and another handling package will be offered on the range-topping Titanium model.

All 2012 Focus models will come standard with electric power-assisted steering and independent Control Blade rear suspension. Additionally, all Focus models come with Ford's new torque vectoring control system.

“Our enthusiast customers told us exactly what they want in an all-new Focus,” said Mark Rushbrook, Ford vehicle dynamics manager for the 2012 Ford Focus. “They asked us to give Focus more responsive handling, and they asked that we develop and offer a factory-engineered handling package with beefier suspension hardware. We’ve done just that, fine-tuning a pair of available packages for mid-level SE and up-range Titanium models.”

The SE Sport Package will provide buyers with sport-tuned suspension, 16-inch aluminum wheels, sport seats, four-wheel disc brakes, piano black grille, metallic interior trim accents, leather-wrapped steering wheel and standard five-speed manual transmission.

SE Sport Package models equipped with Ford's optional PowerShift dual-clutch automatic transmission will also gain SelectShift ability- which provides customers with the option of shifting the transmission on their own. SE sedan also gains a rear spoiler.

The range-topping Focus Titanium model is fitted with the sport-tuned suspension as standard equipment. This includes stiffer springs and dampers.

Titanium models can be optioned with the Titanium Handling Package. Designed for serious enthusiasts, the package includes revised suspension components, unique 18-inch wheels and summer-only performance tires.

The all-new Focus goes on sale in North America in early 2011. Ford says to expect the online configurator ("Build your own") for the 2012 Focus will be up within a week.
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Makes you wonder what is underneath the ST.
Saw this at the Ford Focus Facebook page...
And yes, on the SE sport pack, we will offer a manual gearbox. My guys in the marketing dept tell me the SE Sport Pack will be the hot package.
- Mark Schirmer, Ford Communication
Saw this at the Ford Focus Facebook page...

- Mark Schirmer, Ford Communication
awesome news for sure!
The problem here is obvious: The Titanium Sport Package obviously is the enthusiast's choice, but it won't offer the manual trans. While the SE Sport package will, it only offers 16" tires and none of the luxury amenities of the Titanium.
I was wondering, does the fuel lid on the new Focus lock with the doors? prevent strangers/kids from opening it.
I already encountered 1 or 2 paranoid Fiesta owners (Asia-Pacific Fiestas have non-locking fuel lids) and that was one of their concerns.

PS: A bit off-topic, any of you guys hear/read about fuel spilling out of a new Mustang during hard cornering?
Is this a flaw in the Easy Fuel design or is this a case of the owner overfilling his Mustang's fuel tank?
YES!!!! Thank you Ford! Manual trans and disc brakes. Smart move. Otherwise, you were going to have some ticked-off Focus enthusiasts.
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