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Global B-Segment Launches on the Rise
March 29, 2013
By: Austin Rutherford

2012 could have been called the C-segment year for Ford with the new generation Focus launching in China and ASEAN. This was continued with the launches of the C-Max in North America and the Escape/Kuga in the Americas and Europe. The year 2013, however, Ford will be going a bit smaller for Ford is launching B-segment vehicles across the globe in record numbers.

Starting later last year, Ford started its B-segment push with their new EcoSport and B-Max. The EcoSport is Ford's B-segment CUV, while the B-Max replaced the European Fusion in the B-MPV segment. Ford continued the innovative B-Max's launch through Europe in 2013.

The EcoSport, however, is seeing a much larger global launch this year. After starting sales of the Brazilian built unit in Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America, the EcoSport started production in China earlier this month. Later this year, production will begin in Thailand and India. Ford's plant in Thailand will supply the ASEAN area and Australia while the Indian plant will supply Africa and Europe in addition to their home markets. The EcoSport is the first global product designed by Ford do Brazil.

The facelift of the Ford Fiesta started its launch in Europe in 2012 and continued from its German plant into other European markets and Africa. Production of the MCE Fiesta continued earlier this week as China and Brazil started their builds. Brazil and Argentina will no longer source the Fiesta from Mexico as they had for the past few years. Later this year, the global roll out will continue as Thai production and CKD production in India and Taiwan begins. Mexico will probably be one of the last plants to start production with its SOP in late April.

Ford will continue their B-segment launches in 2014 as the Transit Courier begins production in Europe. Though not expected to have as high of sales as their C-segment vehicles, Ford expects a large expansion of sales in the B-segment over 2012 when it sold 1,019,149, mostly coming from fast expanding Asian markets.

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I sure wish Ford would bring the B-Max and EcoSport to the states.
I agree, however, maybe Ford thinks it's to soon for these vehicles to be accepted by US buyers.

Also, it would be nice if we weren't going to be the last market to get the updates. April 29, 2013 for Job One for the Fiesta with the ST late availability.
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