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2014 Focus Electric $213/mo - $1,999 Down?

Remember when Nissan offered the base stripped Leaf S with slow 3.3kWh onboard charger at $199/mo and $1,999 Down.

Well that's over. The new 2014 Nissan Leaf S deal is now $219/mo and $1,999 Down.

But based on the new lease calculation on the Ford website, the new lease deal for the 2014 Focus Electric can now beat that deal.

(still waiting for Ford to officially publish the lease deal)

But it's more than just offering a better lease deal, the 2014 Focus Electric offers more standard features:

- Standard 6.6kWh onboard charging for complete charge in 3.6 hours vs 7 hours for the Leaf

- Standard Navigation System

- Standard MyFord Mobile for remote EV access

- Standard 17" Allow Wheels

To get just those features, the consumer would need to upgrade to the Leaf SV at $269/mo

But the 2014 Focus Electric offers even more standard equipment:

- Standard MyFord Touch

- Standard Duel Zone Automatic Climate Control

- Standard Voice Activated Climate, Music, Navigation

- Standard 9 Speaker Stereo System

- Optional Leather trimmed Seats (Optional only on SV and SL models)

- Standard Automatic Headlights (standard only on SL model)

Unlike the Leaf, the 2014 Focus Electric has been available as a 'special order' only model. With dealers holding demonstrators for test drives. But over the past weeks, dealers have been building inventories. Daily inventory has grown from the 170s to 238 as of today. It seems dealers knew this lease deal was coming and started stocking up. Some dealers in CA have over 20 models in stock.

Which indicates that with this new lower lease deal, dealers are expecting a sales to get a boost. Current high sales month for the Focus Electric has been 180 from March 2013. Not expecting any marketing for the current model(marketing expected for redesigned 2015 model), let's see if this new lease deal can push sales close to 300.


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Ford finally posted their official lease rate for the 2014 Focus Electric.

But something seems a bit odd:

The Cash Back increased from $10,750 to $11,000

But the monthly payments remained at $229/mo, but the Down payment went from $2,169 to $2,278. A $109 increase with the down payment, when the Cash Back went up $250.

However, when calculating the vehicle on the website, it still comes to $213/mo with $1,999 Down.

But no matter how it's calculated, it's still a better lease deal than the Leaf SV at $269/mo and $1,999 Down.

Ford is also still offering the $6,000 Cash Back on the purchase price + 0% for 60 months.
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