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Would you believe that Toyota is an innovator when it comes to family sedans?

Perhaps not. You might instead say it’s the Ford Fusion with its dramatic looks, or maybe the Hyundai Sonata with its turbocharged engines.

Regardless, Toyota is staking its claim to the innovation title, so to put that assertion to the test we made the enviable trek to the big island of Hawaii for the launch of the significantly updated 2015 Camry.
A Bold-ish new look

The juxtaposition is dramatic. The Camry is the dictionary definition of automotive sensibility in the most mundane of climates but in a tropical paradise even the more dramatic new styling is one-upped by Mother Nature’s exotic flowers and lava flows.

We’d wager new looks should win new buyers and help attract those new car shoppers apprehensive of the car’s conservative reputation and style.

Still, the new look isn’t noteworthy enough to claim any level of innovation. Instead that lies with the truly significant level of upgrades Toyota has made to the car just three years after its launch, with 2000 new parts – or roughly one-third of the car overall. More specifically, innovation comes in the form of yet another new model, the XSE.

And if one new trim level seems like a far cry from being a “game changer” in the segment, consider this. . .
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