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The Job 1 date for the 2015 Ford Edge is January 19th. The schedule refers to a 2016 MKX but not a 2015, and there are no dates. So who knows how long they'll delay MKX, but the old MKX will not remain in production alongside the new Edge so I imagine there won't be massive lag. Now I was told by my dealer than they'll have a 2015 MKX but it'll be the same who knows WTH is going on with that but I suspect that they may batch produce some 2015 MKX to fill inventory before Edge starts in January. Lincoln doesn't sell allot of cars so they can coast on inventory for a few months.

The MKX concept is a pretty tame concept, I doubt they'll produce yet another concept when full prototypes have been driving around on the road since the early spring. This car is ready to pop, probably early in the Autoshow season.

Lincoln may have a marketing challenge with two new Crossovers which look awfully similar to each other, so MKX could use some distance from the MKC launch...but Lincoln needs to speed up the MKC marketing push.

Keep in mind that the new Taurus will be in production early next year in China, although we may see a later start in the US. It's possible Taurus and MKS launch dates will be closer together this time, especially when you consider the MKS is older than the current Taurus and they have nailed down the development timelines between Ford and Lincoln. The MKS was like the MKC of its day, developed well after the parent vehicle because it was a new product decided upon after Ford's program started. But this time, MKS and Taurus were always intended to share production and a platform so they can streamline those launch cycles and changeovers.
that is true Borg, your pics are from early this year so the X is ready or almost ready, I don't see why they can't debut it at LA because NAIAS is for the MKS concept
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