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2018 Mercedes GL could offer a Pullman variant, may spawn an Aston Martin crossover - report

Aston Martin could be eyeing two Mercedes-souced platforms

According to a recent report, Aston Martin could receive a version of the next-generation Mercedes GL.
Reportedly codenamed the X167, the 2018 GL could spawn an Aston Martin variant if the British automaker can pony up enough money to appease the Germans. As an unnamed Daimler board member explained to Automobile Magazine, “Dieter [Zetsche] is quite chuffed about the Aston thing and he is willing to let them in on X167. Money, however, is a big issue. Aston’s £500 ($825) million four-year investment plan is just not enough when you need to renew your entire model range and think about adding an SUV.”
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