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Design Notes: 1988 Ford Probe -
by Mike (aka "Syclone478")
on October 20, 2012 at 5:58 am

Deprived but not disowned - Although it was groomed since birth to be America’s quintessential free roaming horse, the Mustang, it lost its stride and took on a less vaunted title: Probe. It came close but ultimately fell victim to the true Mustang’s enduring support.

Let me slice through all the metaphors and be plain. The origins of Ford’s Probe, as many car fans are already aware, are deeply intertwined with the Mustang. This post will take a quick gallop through that process and see what the interbreeding rumors were all about...

...By December of 1983, one of Mr. Saito’s proposals was approved; that is the design shown in these two sketches. By this point, the project was no longer referred to as SN8; instead, it was known as the ST16 Mustang. As you can see, this design was to be radically updated.

1983 ST16 Mustang sketch rear leftKeep in mind that Ford was still making its popular rear-wheel-drive, optionally V-8-powered, third-generation model. It’s interesting that this new front-wheel-drive interpretation appears to be striving for sheer modernization rather than bearing any semblance of Mustang heritage...
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