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I have devised a 4 car plan for super small cars at Ford.

FoMoCo will first develop its own city car platform to sit on 3 vehicles.

The first is a 2 seat Ford badged Smart Fortwo fighter. It will have a 3 door hatch and 2 door convertible. It will be called Escort.

The second is a 4 seat 2 door hatch which would of course use the "Ka" nameplate. A sedan would be developed for india which would take Icon to replace the old model.

The thrid is a Mercury 2 door hatch. The width will be increase several inches from Escort to fit a 3 seat inbetween the other two. For markets that do not sell Mercury, it will be badged as a Lincoln. Im still thinking of names.

Th fourth will use a seperate platform for it will be cheaped. It will be Ford's Tata Nano fighter. Priced below $5k, it would be built in India and exported to the nations that could use it and maybe later the US. It would carry the same 5 door hatch to compete against its rival. And its name, what else could Ford use for a "everymans car" than the Model T?

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Mercury C557
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at first I thought this was going to be about Super Smallcars :cool:
but you meant Supersmall Cars :eek:

for some reason I'm caught up on the names...
since I have other plans for Escort/'Scort/E-Scort,
why not have the ForTwo's challenger be ForDué ;) get it? Ford+Dué (ie two)
agree about keeping the KA name (but does that mean these would be based on the platform used for the KA?)

the Merc sounds interesting (& a bit like the form-factor -not styling- of the Lincoln "C" concept)
think it's unreasonably expensive to make vehicles wider :(
Merc names - one I've been thinking of: M-biance for a B class
& just now thinking of mARCo for an A class - not sure why :confused:
tho it would go nicely with TeeCo, my name for the premium-passenger Merc version of the TransitConnect

in general:
been thinking of how the Fiesta is really 2 size-classes in one
& how that could work for other sizes TOO
...the sedan is significantly longer than the hatches - all trunk (iirc over a foot more)
((tho Ford started that to lesser extent with the Focuseses - the sedan and wagon were a bit {4 inches?} longer than the hatches))
think a 5-door/wagon/liftback thingie based on the Fiesta sedan could be good for Merc
think they'd need another version too & not sure what

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I dont see anything samller than the Ka in the near future. 2 seats car? not for global Ford. Maybe a chepeast version of the Ka will be sell in the underdevelopment countrys, but a car smaller and with only 2 seats? i doubt...
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