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Dear Ford.

The new 2010 Mercury Milan is an overall fantastic looking car but to me the interior seems to have lost most of it's upscale touches and appeal. The dark colored aluminum trim looks cheap and out of place in the Milan's interior.

I have a couple of request/suggestions...

1. Please bring back the bright Satin Aluminum Trim on the dash.

2. It would be very nice if the Milan offered the same interior wood accents as the Mercury Sable both light and dark colored woods.

I would love to know what everyone else thinks about the new Milan's interior. To me Mercury interiors are supposed to look and feel upscale.

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^ yeahbut
we gotta use this time when Fomoco is scanning the forums for reactions to LET THEM KNOW
Dear Ford.

I (too) have a couple of request/suggestions...

1. Please bring back the bright Satin Aluminum Trim on the dash. (or something there abouts ...see the '08 G35 sedan's dash-aluminum!)

2. It would be very nice if MERCURY offered the First Use of semi-exotic woodgrains IMPRINTED onto (cheap) RealWood...
...AmericanOak with Rosewood Patterning sounds quite upscale to me! (& renewable AND patriotic)

a couple interior wood accents... ...both HighGloss & semi-Matte finishes?

...Mercury interiors NEED to look and feel upscale & Cosmopolitan/international.
couple other things:

I've been wanting a dark-metal metallic** trim... HOWEVER,
been thinking of BLACK CHROME &or TITANIUM(not all that dark but 'different')
the BlackChrome would go fantastically with a rich-reddish-natural (Cinnamon/Adobe) colored Leather (OR Leather & AL CANTARA!!!) upholstery > the Next APPEARANCE PKG!!!
(yes, Mercury & Lincoln could both have slightly different shades and grades - It'd be APPROPRIATE for BOTH to have them!)

Could you PLEASE look into making the interior trim "EASY-SWAPable"™ < my term for it, not trademarked yet - YOURS without asking!!!
it'd be a "gift that keeps on giving" customers who could get a custom-look easily
...and to dealers who could quickly change the on-the-lot car to exactly what's wanted
...and YOU, because customers would keep coming back and back to their dealer for 'updating' (small profits) AND get to see the latest irresistible models!! (much better profits)

I've got an idea for a better than anyone else's metallic-plastic trim
& won't post it anywhere but it's yours
if only there was a way to tell you about it
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