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Sometimes you need to haul around the stuff with over-sized dimensions or something that's simply doesn't fit in the bed because it's already full. A bed rack can seriously improve your Fords functionality and loading capacity which is always useful for a work truck. The lightweight yet strong, streamlined rack system by Access will hold all the thing you don't need in your bed: building materials, DIY IKEA furniture, kayaks, etc.

Access® 90630 - Adarac™ Truck Bed Rack System

Installation is easy and requires absolutely no drilling. Moreover, the system works perfectly with inside-rail bed covers. The kit includes:
* driver and passenger side rack rails;
* left and right uprights;
* front and rear cross bars (with reflective logo);
* cord (used for assembly only);
* clamp and alignment plates;
* leveling shims;
* end plugs;
* all necessary installation hardware;

Free up the space in your bed easily with Access accessories. Find more information about the manufacturer on our web-site:
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