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It looks like another midsize sedan fight is brewing between Ford, Honda and Toyota.

Ford is holding on to it's current marketing from August, with down payments up to $3k and 0% financing. Ford is increasing inventory of the Fusion with Flat Rock online. Daily inventory is up to 32k units as of today. Fusion Energi also has a $3,500 cash incentive to help it move.

Below are monthly NET lease payments that include down payments if required:

Fusion SE: $305/mo
Fusion Hybrid: 378/mo
Fusion Energi: 453/mo

Fusion also has up to $3,000 in finance incentives. C-Max has up to $2,250 in finance incentives.

Toyota is again offering 0 Down and 0 Drive Off and 0% Financing. But raised lease pricing a bit but still below Fusion pricing on average. With the Camry SE at $279/mo and just $26/mo less than the Fusion SE. The Camry Hybrid is now at $289/mo or $89/mo less than the Fusion Hybrid. Toyota has just over 37k Camry ICE/Hybrid units in inventory as of today. Compared with over 52k units heading into August.

Toyota also increased the lease pricing for the Prius v to $359/mo and the Prius Plug-in to $399/mo. Compared with the C-Max Hybrid at $383/mo or $24/mo more than the Prius v, but the Prius plugin is now $17/mo more than the C-Max Energi at $382/mo. Which could have a lot to do with the spike in C-Max Energi sales in August, which should continue through Sept.

Prius liftback is up to $309/mo, and the Prius c went from $226/mo to $240/mo for Sept.

Ford seems to be planning a big month for the C-Max Energi, as inventory is over 2,500 units as of today, and C-Max Hybrid inventory is over 5,000 units, along with a $2,000 in available incentives.

Honda positioned the Accord LX between the low Camry SE pricing and the more premium Fusion, pricing it at $290/mo, and the Accord Plug-In for $35/mo more than the Fusion Energi at $488/mo. Honda has the largest inventory at over 46k ICE Accords in inventory, with just 29 plug-in units in stock.

It seems like it is Ford's plan to increase Fusion inventory, but keep pricing the same, to see if sales increase for Sept over August due to consumer demand.
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