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just cuz they put sooo much work into this...
2016 Ford SVT Bronco Coming Soon
The Juice Is Back After 20 Long Years
- TruckTrend

By Agustin Jimenez
April 01, 2014

...The fullsize Ford Bronco faded away after the 1996 model year never to be seen again; that is, until now. The 2016 Ford SVT Bronco isn't a cookie cutter soccer mom all-wheel drive purse with a steering wheel, it’s a genuine off-road rig and its large size and menacing appearance make no apologies at all. The 2016 Ford SVT Bronco is all business all the time like its predecessors before it. This definitely isn't the Ford Bronco concept you probably saw in 2004 and every year since then as the so called "new" Ford Bronco...

...One thing’s for sure, if you’ve gotten this far into our story and are as excited about wheeling in this new generation Ford Bronco as we are, this minor detail might just make your blood boil. This was all part of an elaborate scheme for one of our biggest April Fools pranks ever. Please take a few minutes to wipe away the tears from your eyes. Now before you decide to punch us square in the jaw for doing this to you, just remember one thing, if our voices are loud enough, we just might see an SVT Bronco from the Blue Oval in the near future.

More... ...pix too!
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