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These sketches of what is believed to be the 2013 Kia Forte were posted on Autoblog yesterday:
Link:, Source: Autoblog.

The sketches seem to fall in line with spyshots of the 2013 Forte that were recently posted on Edmunds Inside Line:
Link:, Source: Edmunds Inside Line.

Of course, the resulting production car won't look as dynamic and swoopy as the sketches, but most production vehicles never look as sharp as the initial leaked sketches. Still, it looks like Kia will have a competitive looking design in the segment. The current Forte isn't a bad looking car, but it has aged rather quickly in light of new entries from Ford, Hyundai (Kia's sibling brand), and possibly Dodge (everything about the upcoming Dart looks very promising so far). It appears as though Kia isn't content to sit back and let the Forte get overly stale.
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