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Ford Fusion engine flying high in unmanned aerial vehicle
Posted Nov 6th 2007 5:09PM by Chris Shunk

In the mid-size sedan segment, there are few more benign engines than those that power the otherwise terrific Ford Fusion. That assessment may not be entirely true after Boeing has developed an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) powered by an internal combustion engine of the Ford variety. While the article doesn't specify which Fusion engine is being used, we'd guess it's the 2.3L Duratec four-cylinder. Ford's Research and Advanced Engineering created the UAV's means of propulsion, which utilizes a multi-stage turbo unit powered by hydrogen fuel. A car engine was used because it has more modern materials than older aircraft engine designs, and they tend to perform well at high altitudes where turbocharging is involved. The Boeing concept performed well during three days of testing at a simulated 65,000 feet, and the ultimate goal is for the UAV to perform for seven days at a time.

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