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The average fuel economy of new vehicles sold last month reached an all-time high of 25.4 mpg.

Data from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute and researchers Michael Sivak and Brandon Shoettle shows that the fuel economy of new U.S. light trucks, cars, SUVs and vans sold in March rose 0.3 mpg from the revised figure for February. The researchers have been tracking data from October 2007, and March 2014′s all-time high is 5.3 mpg more than the October 2007 average.

The average sales-weighted fuel economy is calculated by using the monthly sales of individual models and the combined city-highway fuel economy ratings from the EPA Fuel Economy Guide for each model. In addition, the researchers’ Eco-Driving Index held at 0.80 in January. The Eco-Driving Index calculates the monthly greenhouse gas emissions from a U.S. driver who bought a new vehicle during the month – the lower the index, the better. The scores are compared with a base score of 1, set in October 2007.

“This value indicates an improvement of 20 percent since October 2007,” researcher Michael Sivak said in a statement. “The EDI takes into account both the fuel used per distance driven and the amount of driving.”
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