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I'm referring to a gas-station model of swappable batteries; IOW an industry-standard battery form-factor for battery configuration designed for automated quick-swap where the battery is not part-of-the-car, just as gasoline is not part-of-the-car. When you buy a car from a dealer, you leave with a full tank of gas that you didn't buy so your new car comes with a battery that you didn't actually buy.

So a driver pulls into a battery-station positions the car over a ground-level device that attaches to your swappable battery-pack, Reads the level of energy left in the car's battery, then swaps out the "old" battery for a "new" battery and charges the driver for the difference in battery charge between the "new" battery and the "old."

The swap would take less than 5 minutes, the same time as it takes to fill up a gas tank. The "old" battery gets charged at the station and put into a magazine conveyor with other charged-up batteries to feed the the ground-level swapping device. As battery technology evolves, the form-factor doesn't change but the level of battery charge evolves adding gains in efficiency and range over time.

As I said, I've been told that this kind of technology would be impossible for any number reasons relating to engineering as well as standardization and infrastructure/distribution obstacles. If it were possible, it would solve the charging-time problem that we have now of batteries-as-part-of-the-car.

That's what I meant by "swappable" as opposed to "interchangeable."
This make me remember when some toys come in a box with the inscripcion: "batteries not included" . And the child is unable to use it at christmas... :grin2:
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