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Beijing-bound Ford Escort leaked

Previewed by a close-to-production concept at last year's Shanghai Motor Show, the Escort will be roughly the same size as a four-door Focus sedan but it will be aimed at a clientele willing to pay extra for more room inside and a wide panoply of high-tech feature. The Dearborn-based automaker believes the typical Escort buyer will be older and wealthier than the average Focus buyer.

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Interesting article which does not sync with what Raj Nair said at last years reveal in China

"The compact car segment alone accounts for 5.5 million sales and is forecast to grow to 7.2 million by 2017, said Raj Nair, Ford head of global product development.

The country’s diversity and growing middle class consumers able to afford a car has created three distinct markets within the compact, or C-segment.

The Ford Focus, now built in Chongqing, is in “C-high,” which appeals to more affluent buyers in the largest cities on China’s eastern and southern coasts.

The “C-low” sub-segment encompasses lower-priced cars, including many from domestic brands as well versions of vehicles no longer sold in mature markets.

There is a growing “C-mid” category for families in what are called China’s tier 2 cities -- those of between 1 million and 5 million people.

The Escort would slot into C-mid, where Ford also has the Focus Legacy, a previous-generation of the European Focus.

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Re: Beijing-bound Ford Escort leaked
"The Escort will be slot above the Focus, not below.

Focus Classic - starts at 99,800 yuan
Focus - starts at 118,800 yuan
Escort - will start at 130,000 yuan

The Escort is based on the outgoing Focus Classic which has lead to some incorrect assumptions it is replacing the Focus Classic and will fill the same segment - it isn't. The Escort will slot above the Focus and compete in the same segment as the Hyundai Mistra (between the Elantra/Sonata) and Honda Crider (between the Civic/Accord) and others.

There is no intended replacement for the Focus Classic in Ford's line up, Ford China is exiting that segment to avoid tarnishing the Ford brand. They may send it over to their low cost brand Jia Yue, Chevy did the same thing when they booted the old Matiz out of their line up and into Baojun's."

some handy comparo pix re-swiped from VinceBurlapp

this shows how crucial the refinement of the graphics (doodads) are on a car with simple/clean sheetmetal

I love the Concept wheels and esp the way the Concept's HLs disguise the Focus-like "pseudopod shape" with LED-pipes cutting-off the turnsig-appendage
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