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interesting article and more interesting comment imho...

DetNews: Bentley, and luxury cars generally, face life or death struggle
by Neil Winton

One headline made me do a double-take at the annual Geneva Car Show early in March.

"Geneva 2008: Bentley to go 120 G/km by 2012"

Let me try and explain some of that gobbledygook. "G/km" is short for grammes of carbon dioxide (CO2) per kilometre. That's European shorthand for how much a car apparently threatens the climate with its emissions of CO2. This formula is simply a more opaque way of expressing a more familiar measurement of miles per gallon. After quickly consulting my conversion table I can tell you that 120 g/km is really 46 miles per U.S. gallon...


the comment < link
mgescuro said:
Why not 46 mpg in a Bentley???
VW can implement a 4-8-16 DOD system in their W16, much the way the Cadillac Sixteen did.
THey can use diesels.
They can construct the entire car out of lightweight aluminum, like Jaguar and Land Rover.
They can add hybrid powertrains too.

If VW wants to make that a goal for Bentley, more power to them.
It won't be easy or cheap... but when you're paying $170,000 for a base Bentley, chances are, you can hide the additional cost in there.
anybody else think (not now but 'Soon') that a v16 in a new Lincoln flagship (& HRL :)) sounds kinda sweet?

just the idea of the medium-mode could 'be' a Straight Eight gets me interested!
tho my ideal Lincoln lineup doesn't quite go up to $170k,
I'd have no problem approving a $100k top-trim top-model ;)
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