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'Ford has been touting the Fusion Hybrid's segment-leading 41 mpg rating, which handily beats the Toyota Camry Hybrid. But Fields admitted that Ford cannot get enough batteries to keep up with consumer demand for the vehicle and its sibling, the Mercury Milan Hybrid, let alone the two hybrid SUVs it already has on the market.

"We are constrained by the amount of components -- including batteries -- that the supply base can provide us," he said. "That said, we will continue to work with suppliers to look at every opportunity to meet demand and still provide a good return for the business."'


So, there is a LIMITED supply of components to build these planned types of "fuel frugal" machines for the foreseeable future. Certainly constrained component supply will impact production, product availibility, and cashflow.

Again I ask, why not consider "emissions abated" versions of the Euro Duratorq diesels that are currently achieving between 44 and 63 mpg(US) combined cycle ... the Fiesta is up to 73 mpg(US) highway according to VCA and Ford.

Maybe for the short haul Ford could persuade the President or Congress to waive for 24 months emissions standards for vehicles getting over 44 mpg(US) combined cycle and meeting current Euro emissions and safety standards. These vehicles should not be supply constrained at this time. At least this way the initial development cost and lead time would be VERY SMALL, if not ZERO.

Then the 24 months could be used to resolve any emissions and safety issue ... and start DOMESTIC production based on "observed" US consumer acceptance rates!

As for acceptance of diesels in the US, we are currently selling somewhere between 1/4 and 1 million DIESEL "light vehicles" per year that probably average less than 17 mpg combined average and are NOT Tier 2 Bin 5 compliant.

Isn't this a bit of a contradiction ... a serious double standard AGAINST better National Security, oil independence, and US jobs?
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