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Keith Naughton
May 31, 2012
Automotive News

DETROIT -- Ford Motor Co. will introduce ads on Facebook beginning Friday promoting licensed merchandise such as T-shirts and toy cars with the Blue Oval logo that the automaker recovered control of last week.

The ads, a first for the automaker's licensing operations, will appear on the right side of the wall of users of Facebook Inc.'s social network who have visited Ford and motor-sport pages, said Betsy McKelvey, Ford's marketing manager for licensing.

The ads will promote 20 items in a rotation through June 10 in advance of Father's Day on June 17, she said.

Ford is remaining active on Facebook after larger rival General Motors Co. decided this month to pull its ads from the social network.

Licensed items help build Ford's brands and generated $1.5 billion in revenue last year, most of which went to companies such as toymakers, video-game producers and clothing manufacturers, according to John Nens, the automaker's licensing manager.

"When we didn't take the government money, the Ford oval became more popular with consumers," Nens told reporters Friday.

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