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Spark plugs have a big job to do. Small but mighty, they power up your vehicle, keep it powered up and produce a smooth burn of the compressed air-fuel mixture. Spark plugs fire constantly and wear down over driving time, reducing their efficiency. Replacing them can greatly improve your engine’s performance and can be done at home with basic hand tools.

In our new video, Greg will show you how exactly you can perform this installation. He is using Motorcraft spark plugs for the 2010 Ford Expedition equipped with the 5.4l V8 engine. Learn how to replace the spark plugs at home with CARiD!

Motorcraft® - Double Platinum Spark Plug


Center Electrode Material: Platinum
Gap: 0.051"


  • Direct OEM replacement
  • Recommended by Ford Motor Company
  • Designed to maintain optimum engine performance
  • Used for conventional distributor-equipped and coil-on-plug ignition systems
  • High melting point provides excellent resistance to erosion
  • Provide service intervals from 60,000 to 100,000 miles
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