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We all know how nasty and grimy some of those corner repair shops can be. The fear that if we took our car there it would never work properly again and the idea of sitting in those foul and nasty waiting areas...with no way of seeing or supervising the work done to our precious car.

Well...once again the British are ahead of the curve and are revamping the way the corner garage looks and feels. Garage chain HiQ has begun to completely redesign their shops and offer its customers a far more enjoyable and worry free environment. The full article is courtesy of

HiQ garage goes for Coolest Auto Repair Shop honors

Posted Feb 11th 2008 6:01PM by Dan Roth
Filed under: Maintenance, Trends, Etc., UK​

As some of us are pretty sharp with a wrench, we loathe taking our cars elsewhere for repairs. Most of the time, we want to watch the guy doing the work, and that's usually not possible so we end up chain-drinking burnt coffee in the waiting room. HiQ, a new automotive service chain in the UK, is revamping its brand and has decided to allow customers to get in on the action. To prove their new concept, cooked up by branding wizards Fitch, HiQ has opened a new facility in Nottingham. The design is clean and more retail chic than a greasy-fingernailed muffler shop. Our favorite feature, by far, is the glass wall that allows you to stare down the monkey lad as he applies several hundred pound-feet of torque to your wheel lugs with an impact wrench.

Thanks for the tip, Larry!

This sort of shop would be a welcome sight here in the states...with technicians that are more than just ASE Certified...and a management staff that wants quality work preformed and happy, repeat customers.

My Mazda would be happy to visit a garage like this one...very happy!

As Always...Stay Fabulous!
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