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think it's ok to quote about/upto half of a news-mag article, Tahoe ;)
...tho iirc, we Can quote/post any article in FULL :)

Car and Driver:
Despite what Nissan claims, the GT-R is not making the advertised 480 horsepower.

It’s a ringer,” we said among ourselves as soon as the first Nissan GT-R’s test results were in... ...Even allowing for the launch advantages of all-wheel drive, the GT-R’s performance made us suspicious. It wouldn’t be hard for Nissan engineers, we surmised, to crank up the boost and thus jack up horsepower that would result in astonishing track numbers in American car-magazine tests...

...We soon tested two more GT-Rs, and supporting our suspicions, they were considerably slower. GT-R No. 2 was 0.6 second behind the No. 1 through the quarter, and GT-R numero tres was a disturbing 1.1 seconds slower... seemed clear that the first GT-R was likely a one-of-a-kind rocket...

...On MotorCity Speed’s Mustang dyno in Commerce Township, Michigan, GT-R No. 4 produced a peak of 415 horsepower at the wheels. Based on our 20-percent loss estimate, the engine output was 519, or 39 horsepower more than Nissan’s stated 480.

So what’s up? We called Nissan, and the company says the first four cars we tested were early-build versions that received regular engine-computer software updates, which may account for the varied results we recorded...

...Three weeks later, a fifth GT-R arrived. This one, allegedly, was a production version with the latest—and final—engine calibration. We took it both to the test track and MotorCity’s dyno.

This car performed nearly identically to the fourth car. It smoked the quarter-mile in 11.6 seconds at 120 mph and produced 420 wheel horsepower. We also measured the turbo boost pressure in both cars, and the curves were basically identical.

Though we didn’t get a chance to dyno-test the two slower GT-Rs, three of the five were so close in performance that we believe they accurately represent the GT-R’s capability. Clearly, Nissan is delivering more than the advertised 480 horsepower. And the most likely figure is about 520

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Too much noise with this car. I think the Mustang Shelby GT 500 is better car than this ridiculous Nissan. The Nissan is a journalism star car, but isnt as good as Mustang Shelby GT 500 or Shelby 500 KR.

I prefer to pay 80K for the Mustang KR than pay 75K for the Nissan.
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