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The new logo, appearing on the 2011 Cadillac SRX, has been given a more "jewel-like" quality.
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Cadillac’s new logo, shown off quietly in November, is now showing up in television commercials and is on the 2011 SRX.

Phil Patton for The New York Times
The new Cadillac logo, bottom, was designed to be more jewel-like.
I spotted the new logo on an SRX the company brought to a recent International Motor Press Association driving event.

The old and new logos are hard to tell apart unless they are seen side by side. The logo, called the Wreath and Crest, is now raised and there are visible ridges separating sections of the heraldic crest. In an e-mail message, Max Wolff, director of exterior design for Cadillac, explained that the new logo gave it a richer, three-dimensional look.

“The Wreath and Crest was updated for the launch of the SRX and will eventually be rolled out across the Cadillac range,” he said.

New technology was used to improve the appearance and quality of the logo, he added. “A new image was created in our design center to show off the detail and jewel-like quality of the Cadillac Wreath and Crest,” he said.
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