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Toyota's Camry, Prius v beaten up in crash test [slow-mo video] - L.A.Times
By Jerry Hirsch
December 20, 2012

Two key Toyota models, the flagship Camry sedan and the Prius v wagon, failed an important new crash test conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, an insurance industry group...

...The results raise concerns that the Toyota models can't provide protection from serious injuries in common accidents. The automaker's new Prius V, a wagon version of the popular hybrid, scored last among 18 cars tested, with "poor" ratings in five of seven categories. The Camry -- America's bestselling passenger car -- scored next to last.

"Toyota engineers have a lot of work to do to match the performance of their competitors," said Adrian Lund, the insurance group's president...
..."The crash damage in these tests is like the damage we see in real-world crashes where heads and chests are injured," Lund said...

...The trade group said some automakers, including Honda, Ford and Nissan, are starting to redesign vehicles to protect passengers in front-corner impacts...
(The redesigned Ford Fusion...scored well.)

..."The Camry's driver airbag and side curtain airbag deployed, but the steering wheel moved so far to the right that the dummy's head made only minimal contact with the front airbag. The side curtain airbag didn't extend far enough forward to help prevent the dummy's head from hitting the instrument panel," the institute said in its report. "In the Prius V, the side curtain airbag deployed too late in the crash to offer protection."...


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Well, at least this article headline mentioned Toyota's failure...many articles out there never mentioned their poor rating until at least the third paragraph...I swear there must be deals with major media to tone down negative reporting. If it was a Ford, it would have been front page news!
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