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CES: Audi's Piloted Parking app squeezes cars into tight spaces

Using laser and ultrasonic sensors located around the vehicle, as well as a companion smartphone app, Audi Piloted Parking takes the legwork out of getting a car in and out of a tight parking space or garage - sans door-dings of course.

Unlike parking systems offered by various other automakers, however, Audi's Piloted Parking lets drivers park their cars while using a smartphone app.

As we learned at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the process starts by pressing the Audi Piloted Parking button on the center console, which tells the vehicle's MMI infotainment system start looking for a parking space. Once it finds one, it will provide you directions to the space, notifying you when you've reached the exact available spot.

At this point, the driver exits the car, opens the Audi Piloted Parking app on their smartphone and continues the self-park process by holding down the drive button. With a wide array of onboard laser and ultrasonic sensors, the car will identify how to park with near-perfect accuracy, keeping an equal distance between objects on either side of the vehicle. If at any point the driver releases his finger from the drive button, the vehicle will immediately stop. Re-pressing the button will resume the process where it left off, seeing the car through to perfect parking maneuver without a single door-ding or forcing the driver to exit from the trunk in a particularly narrow slot.

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