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Classic Lincoln Advertising As Art

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Classic Lincoln Advertising As Art
Nothing Could Be Finer

Drawn Quarters
As a practical means of communication, photography is about as old as the automobile. But into the 1950s, automakers predominantly entrusted artists to idealize their products in advertising. Lincoln's first all-new postwar design for 1949 (see ad below) drew criticism because the cars were difficult to distinguish from the Mercurys with which they shared architecture, so the advertising art renders the smaller, sleeker cars to look longer and lower, backing up the theme "Nothing could be finer...or Newer!"

Race Ready
Another downsizing for 1952 had Lincoln taking aim not at Cadillac, but at Oldsmobile, with models “powered to leave the past far behind.” The emphasis shifted from poshness to performance, as evidenced by the reference to four wins in the Mexican Pan-American Road Race. By 1953, when this Capri coupe was shot, Julia Meade was just starting her decade as the voice and face of Lincoln on Ed Sullivan’s wildly popular “Toast of the Town” TV show.

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Thanks, Jose! :thumb:

Dunno why but this is the first collection of pix from that era where I can actually see the tie-ins and progression of design that led to the stunning 'Kennedy' Continentals.
Before, it always seemed like their styling magically appeared from nowhere.
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