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We realize that body kits is npt really is not the first mod that comes up if we speak about custom trucks.
A truck is a utility vehicle that can handle any type of terrain. However for those who keep their trucks off the trails and prefers sporty and muscular styling we would like to introduce this clean 3D Carbon body kit.
With this kit you can put your F150 truck on the same line with F150 Lighting, Tremor or Saleen S331 style-wise.
We realize that it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but this pickup below looks really awesome.
Let us know what do you think in the comments below!

3d Carbon® - 3dC Style Body Kit
They are available for F150 Super Crew 2004 - 2008

This body kit is available at CARiD. Select the kit for your year model on the following page: Ford F-150 Body Kits

Read more about 3D carbon products on our website
And hey, don't forget to let us know what do you think about this kit!
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