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Coming to America: Ford's 3-cylinder Fiesta
July 18, 2011
Automotive News

Ford will bring a three-cylinder Fiesta to America. All it took was a little deductive reasoning to figure that out. Various Ford executives have dropped hints -- or pointedly not ruled it out as U.S. gasoline prices rose toward $4 a gallon this year.

And Ford has developed a new 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine dripping with Ford's EcoBoost fuel-sipping technology: turbocharging, variable-valve timing, offset crankshaft and other goodies.

So here's the logic for a U.S. three-banger Fiesta:

-- Production of the 1.0-liter engine starts in Europe in the spring of 2012.

-- The three-cylinder engine will be offered in the United States, Ford powertrain executive Greg Johnson said last week.

Full text at link

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Thanks for the news, ausrutherford

it's so funny:
-- Ford says it fits only in its three global small cars: The Ka, Figo and Fiesta...

...No word on timing. Ford hasn't rated the 1.0-liter's output. But Johnson said Ford's new turbo designs are approaching 120-hp per liter.​

- I know they meant the 1.0 is Not Powerful enough
but to say it's too "small" just strikes me as sounding silly - - I'm wondering how a 1.0EB+Hybrid would work in a super-light Focus
- re: 120 per liter - the Mondeo has been there for a while already
imho the near-future EB's will reach a lot closer to 130hp per liter
crossreferences from the EcoBoost Predictions thread:
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