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if it wasn't snarky I prolley wouldn't post this...

2018 Lexus LS 500 First Test Review: Devil is In the Details
The flagship Lexus sedan is bedeviled by the small things

, Scott Evans Words, Dec 14, 2017
126 Photos: Robin Trajano Photos, Darren Martin Photos

...perhaps we’re just getting used to it at this point. It’s not as good as the LC coupe it shares a platform with, but it’s less bad than the rest of the lineup.
The polarizing design carries over to the interior, as well...

...We were far less enamored with the hotel hallway art on the passenger’s side of the dash and the two handle bars hanging off the instrument binnacle.
Those knobs, controlling driving mode and stability control, are a good jumping off point for a discussion of the electronics package. On the whole, it’s a suite of good ideas with questionable execution...

...questionable technological implementation abound. The enormous head-up display (HUD) is a great party trick, but why is your speed, the most useful piece of information, shoved way off to the side while the lane keeping system gets center billing? Why does it stay over there out of your direct line of sight even when lane keeping is turned off? The HUD also displays a frontal cross traffic alert so you don’t pull out in front of a car crossing your path. It’s a nice idea if you’re pulling out of an alley, but when you’re sitting at a stoplight and it’s going off constantly and taking over the entire HUD with flashing yellow arrows, the only information you want is how to turn it off. Finally, we must ask why the dash beeps at you when the car is in reverse. This isn’t a commercial vehicle...

...Although the new LS is even longer than the old long-wheelbase model, there’s still a disappointing amount of rear legroom with the front seats in their normal location. While the captain of industry on the passenger’s side can get the front seat out of the way, the spouse or business partner or whomever on the driver’s side will find it surprisingly small for such a big luxury car...

...At the end ... equally frustrated by its shortcomings. The car is a huge step forward from its conservative, long in the tooth predecessor... ...At the same time, though, it’s let down by technology that’s more stressful than helpful and a comparative dearth of space....

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