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There are dozens of types of accessories to choose from when it comes to upgrading your Ford Mustang, but none of them can compare to the set of new, shiny custom rims. Whether you're in the market for a set of wheels to enhance your driving experience or looking for a stylish set of wheels to give your show pony the style it deserves, Kraze has you covered.

This wheel brand is known for flashy rims that are sure to turn heads everywhere you go. Designed and manufactured with the use of the latest technological advancements according to current market trends, these staggering rims provide the look, feel, and function Mustang owners seek. They feature a durable, scratch-resistant finish for an attractive, long-lasting look and are available in various sizes, bolt patterns, and offsets to ensure a perfect fit.

If you need advice on fitment or pricing - please call us directly at 888.978.3395!

KRAZE® - 181 SPINNER Satin Black with Milled Accents

KRAZE® - 194 COSMOS Gloss Black

KRAZE® - 146 SPLITZ Satin Black

KRAZE® - 190 LUSSO Gloss Black with Machined Face

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